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WAWH represents love of nature and the ocean and the constant desire to travel, explore and discover. The colourful floral nature of the shirts inspires fun, light and love and there’s a story to back it up.

The founder first started doodling the logo on his school work and stationary when at school. During his early teens he began questioning the meaning of life and what it was all about. By his mid teens, and after a couple year’s experimentation with hallucinogens, he was spending far too much time in his bedroom at home staring at lava lamps and listening to psychedelic rock.  By his late teens the fun was over and  he had begun his descent into what he calls “very dark times”. The question of Why Are We Here was no longer a consideration, but rather when can I next escape. His life on the outside looked amazing. He came from a good family, went to a good school, and got to travel to extravagant places around the world. On the inside, a growing fear of the world and increased self loathing led to heavier drug usage. 

By the age of 17, he was asked to leave his school and his parents gave him an ultimatum. Either rehabilitation or onto the the street. Wether they would have actually kicked him out is questionable, but he wasn’t going to take the chance. He dragged himself to rehab and decided to make the best decision of his life to date. Accepting that drugs and alcohol would no longer be a part of his life.

The funny thing was, at his first recovery meeting he heard something that gave him strength and courage to carry on his chosen path. A reading titled Why Are We Here! The reading was all about how he had come to end up in the room he sat, and this will always stay with him.

14 years later he still remains clean and sober and continues to practice mindfulness and work on his continued recovery.